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Measuring Workers Exposure to Noise
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Using the doseBadge Noise Dosimeter

using a noise dosimeterThe doseBadge is easy to use and the measurement kits include everything that you need. The daily routine is as follows:

  1. Push the doseBadge into the top of the Reader and press the Reset key to clear old measurements.
  2. Calibrate the doseBadge. As with all noise dosimeters, this should be done before all measurements. The Reader has a calibrator built in so all you have to do is press the Calibrate key.
  3. Attach the doseBadge to the worker using the supplied fixings.
  4. Point the Reader at the doseBadge and press the Run key.


                Leave the doseBadge to measure the worker's noise exposure


  1. At the end of the shift, point the Reader at the doseBadge and press the Stop key.
  2. Remove the doseBadge from the worker and push it into the top of the Reader.
  3. Press the Calibrate key of you want a second calibration and then press Read to transfer the results to the Reader.
  4. Put the doseBadge on to charge.

The results can be read back on the Reader's display or transferred to a computer using the software and cable supplied.

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