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Measuring Workers Exposure to Noise
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Features of the doseBadge Noise Dosimeter

  • No wires or controls on the badge to catch or knock
  • Simultaneous, dual channel measurements:
    • Channel 1, programmable exchange rate, time weighting, criterion time and level
      • Example: OSHA Q=5dB: Lavg, Dose %, TWA and Peak
    • Channel 2
      • Q=3dB (ISO): Leq, Dose %, Lep,d and Peak
  • "A" frequency weighting with "C" weighting for Peak
  • Very rugged cast alloy case
  • Powered by an internal rechargeable battery
  • doseBadge and Reader communicate using an infra-red link
  • Supplied with software to download measurements to a Windows PC
  • User programmable to either Q=3 (ISO) or Q=5 (OSHA)
  • Time History gives graph of noise levels
  • Measures down to 70 dB(A)
  • True Peak reading with Peak Time History
  • 115 dB(A) sound level exceeded flag
  • Extra user-programmable settings for MSHA, AICHE and ACGIH noise regulations

Noise Dosimeter Specifications


ANSI S1.25:1991 Personal Noise Dosemeters
IEC 61252:1993 Personal Sound Exposure Meters
Reader's Internal Acoustic Calibrator to IEC 60942:2001 Class 2

  Measurement Range

     70 dB(A) to 130 dB(A) RMS
     120 dB(C) to 140 dB(C) Peak

  Measurement Functions

All configurations
doseBadge Settings, Calibration Record
Measurement Duration, Highest Peak (C) Sound Level
Overload Exceedence, Battery Status
115 dB(A) Maximum Sound Level Exceedence
1 Minute Time History of:
     LAeq (3dB)
     LAVG (4dB or 5dB)
     Peak (C) Level
     Battery Level

    For 3dB Exchange Rate
     LAeq, LEX,8h, LAE, % Dose, Exposure (Pa2h),
     Estimated % Dose, Estimated Exposure (Pa2h)

For 4dB & 5dB Exchange Rates
     LAVG, TWA, % Dose, Estimated % Dose

  Weightings ‘A ’ for all RMS measurements.
‘C ’ for Peak Sound Pressure
  doseBadge Configuration      ISO (Q=3, Time=None)
     OSHA (Q=5, Time=Slow)
     Exchange Rate (3dB, 4dB or 5dB)
     Criterion Level (80dB, 85dB, 87dB, 90dB)
     Criterion Time (8hrs, 12hrs, 16hrs, 18hrs)
     Threshold (None, 80dB, 85dB, 90dB)
     Time Weighting (None, ‘S ’ (Slow))
  Memory The Reader Unit can store the following measurement data:
With 8 hours of 1 minute Time History
     Up to 93 measurements
With 12 hours of 1 minute Time History
     Up to 64 measurements
With 24 hours of 1 minute Time History
     Up to 33 measurements

     NiMH Rechargeable Battery

     2 x AA/LR6 with Auto Power Switch Off

CU Series Chargers
     CU:195A Mains Power Supply with UK, EU or US plug

  Output doseBadge
     Infrared to RC:110A Reader Unit
     USB 2.0 to computer
  Dimensions      Microphone Apex Ø13.0mm,Base Ø47mm,Height 38mm
  Environmental Temperature
     -10 °C to +50 °C Operating
     -20 °C to +60 °C Storage
     Up to 95%RH Non-Condensing
  Weight doseBadge: 45gms (1.6oz)
Reader: 400gms (14oz)
  Software dBLink and dBase Database supplied as standard.
Compatible with Microsoft Windows versions 98 or later


    UK 0845 230 2434  ::  Int +44 1723 891655