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Measuring Workers Exposure to Noise
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Optional Accessories

The doseBadge Measurement Kits include all the items that you need to measure workers exposure to noise. However, there are some additional accessories that may be useful for your particular application.

dosebadge wind shield

Wind Shield

The doseBadge windshield not only reduces the noise from strong wind but also provides additional protection against light rainfall, dust and the noise generate by knocks.

helment mounted dosimeter

Helmet Mount

These allow the doseBadge to be fitted on the side of a helmet that is fitted with earmuff mounts. Three different types of mount are available to suit the most common helmets.

keyfob dosebadge remote control

Keyfob Remote Control

The Keyfob can be used instead of the Reader to Start and Stop the doseBadge. You still need a Reader to calibrate and reset the doseBadge but the Keyfob is much more handy and ideal when you want to give the doseBadges to somebody else to fit to the worker and start running.


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