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doseBadge Noise Dosimeter Software

The doseBadge Kits come complete with the dBLink software, which can download measurements, store them and present simple reports. An additional program, doseBadge Database is also available for free download, giving more functionality that some users may find useful.

dBLink Software

The program dBLink downloads the measurements from the Reader, presents the results in a simple table format, displays the Time History graph for a selected measurement and prints simple reports.

A simple "Wizard" interface leads you through the whole process from downloading to printing reports. Once you are familiar with this process you can bypass the wizard and just do the actions that you need.

This program also has the ability to export data and reports to spreadsheet (Excel), word processor, PDF, JPG and other common formats.

dBLink is the only program that you actually need to use the doseBadge system on a PC.

noise dosimeter software

doseBadge Database

dosebadge database software

This program lets you link measurements to employees, workplaces and workgroups.

With this information available to the program, advanced reports can be generated including all the information you should need. Reports can also be generated on groups of workers and filtered based on such parameters as levels exceeded.

More analysis can be carried out on the Time History information. Sections of the time history can be zoomed and levels can be recalculated between the cursors.

Data can be imported to doseBadge Database and exported to common packages such as spreadsheets and word processors to satisfy any additional reporting.


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